Live a bit harder than everyone else

the freedom to buy alcohol every day is kinda ruining my life i think

at least there’s always alcohol to numb the pain

Where are all the hot tesco boys coming from

there’s this girl that’s like 4yrs younger than me and she’s sweet and all and we were friends at school but today she has tweeted incessantly shit like “i’m a virgin but i’m defo pregnant” “defo gonna have sex to band x, y & z” and “i miss blowjobs” etc etc etc and it’s all just a little bit awkward

shhh honey

is it wine time yet


my friend who snorts cocaine won’t eat cookie dough because it’s bad for you

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i believe that when you know how to physically touch a girl, is when you really have her. hand placement and the use of your hands is everything, remember that gentlemen.

this gif makes me feel really lonely wow

Hand placement really is everything
If he doesn’t want this I’m happy to steal it